Ngare Ndare Forest.

Ngare Ndare Forest.

The forest’s accessibility, being just an hour’s drive from Nanyuki and around four hours from Nairobi, makes it a convenient destination for both local and international visitors interested in experiencing Kenya’s natural beauty and wildlife. Additionally, its proximity to major urban centers highlights the importance of conservation efforts in protecting these critical habitats and ecosystems amidst growing human development pressures. Situated within the Mount Kenya ecosystem, it serves as a vital link between various protected areas such as Mount Kenya, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Laikipia, and Samburu. This connectivity is essential for the movement and genetic diversity of wildlife populations.

Activities at Ngare Ndare

Tree Canopy walk

The canopy walk in Ngare Ndare Forest is a breathtaking experience! This 450-meter-long suspension bridge, notable for being the longest in East Africa and suspended 30 feet above the ground, offers visitors a unique perspective of the forest and its inhabitants. For those who are apprehensive about heights, the canopy walk offers a gentle yet thrilling way to confront and overcome these fears, surrounded by the natural beauty and tranquility of the forest. The experience is further enhanced when timed just before sunset. During these moments, the interplay of light filtering through the branches and leaves creates a magical and serene atmosphere, showcasing the natural beauty of the forest in a soft, golden glow.

Game Drives

Exploring Ngare Ndare Forest by vehicle is an exceptional way to immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of one of Kenya’s treasured natural landscapes. As you navigate through the forest, you can enjoy the lush canopy overhead, the vibrant birdlife, and the chance to spot various animals that call this forest home. The area is known for its elephants, but it’s also possible to see other wildlife such as antelopes, monkeys, and possibly even the elusive leopard among the dense foliage.

Rock Climbing

The presence of climbable rocks within the forest presents a unique challenge and opportunity for experienced climbers looking to blend their love for the sport with the natural beauty and tranquility of this remarkable environment. However, it’s important to note that climbers need to come prepared with their safety gear and should possess the necessary expertise to tackle these natural rock formations safely.

Ngare Ndare Camping

Camping in Ngare Ndare Forest offers an authentic and immersive wilderness experience, allowing visitors to connect deeply with nature in a way that few other experiences can. The presence of two campsites near flowing water not only enhances the camping experience with the soothing sounds of nature but also provides a vital resource for campers. The basic facilities provided at these campsites, including drop-down toilets and fresh spring water showers, cater to the essential needs of campers while preserving the natural environment. The provision of wood for a campfire is a thoughtful touch, enabling campers to cook meals over an open fire, adding to the rustic charm of outdoor camping. This also creates an opportunity for campers to gather around the fire in the evenings, sharing stories or simply enjoying the tranquility of the forest under a starlit sky. The security and safety of campers are taken seriously, with an armed ranger on duty to ensure that wild animals, particularly elephants which frequently visit the campsites, do not disturb the peace of the night.

Nature Walk

Covering a distance of 3.5 km, this trail offers a blend of leisurely walks and slightly challenging steep areas, making it a rewarding experience for hikers of various skill levels. The manageable difficulty level ensures that most visitors can enjoy the hike, with the journey to the pools taking approximately an hour. Reaching the waterfalls and the natural blue pools hidden within the forest is a delightful payoff after the hike. These pools, with their striking blue color, offer a tranquil and picturesque spot for swimming and relaxation. The clarity and coolness of the water provide a refreshing respite, especially on warm days. The waterfall, with its 30-foot drop, adds to the majestic scenery. For those planning to undertake this hike and visit the pools, it’s advisable to come prepared with appropriate footwear for hiking, swimwear for the pools, and perhaps a picnic to enjoy in this idyllic setting. Always remember to respect the natural environment by keeping it clean.

Ngare Ndare Forest Charges

Entrance fees

The Entrance fees cover forest access, pools, and canopy walkway. The charges are:

Residents/ Kenyan citizens_ Ksh.2,000 (Adults), Ksh.1,000 (10-15years)

Non-Residents_ Ksh.4,000 (Adults), Ksh.2,000 (10-15yrs)

Tour Guide_Ksh.1,000

Car Entry per group_ Ksh.500

Camping Fees

Residents_ Ksh.3,000

Non_Residents_Ksh. 5,000

Armed Ranger_Ksh.1,000


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