Kitengela Glass Bridge.

Kitengela Glass Bridge.

The Kitengela Glass Bridge stands as an imposing structure, dangling precariously over a vast river valley, serving as a nerve-wracking passage between Kitengela Glass and Masai Lodge in Kenya. Suspended high above the ground, it stretches more than 50 meters, offering a breathtaking yet daunting journey for pedestrians. It has been constructed using wire and glass and has sizable openings in the railing, which amplify the sense of unease for those with a fear of heights.

Crossing the bridge can be a harrowing experience, especially when caught amid its swaying motion induced by gusty winds. Only seven individuals are allowed on the bridge at a time, and each crossing is guided, although not recommended for young children due to the absence of protective barriers. After traversing the bridge, visitors are welcomed by the captivating Kitengela Glass recycling factory, showcasing sustainable practices. Skilled artisans demonstrate the art of glass blowing, turning discarded glass into stunning creations.

The entrance fee for Kitengela Glass Bridge is Ksh 300, applicable to both adults and children, with entry permitted for individuals aged 10 years and above. It’s advisable to wear fitting exercise clothing and comfortable shoes, while minimizing loose items. This ensures a safe and enjoyable experience while traversing the bridge.


Kitengela Glass Bridge is located at Masai Lodge in Rongai past African Nazarene University.

Other Activities


Kitengela Glass offers a spacious pool available from 8 am to 5 pm for guests to enjoy leisurely swims. The swimming pool is accessible at Kshs 500 per person for two hours, and Kshs 250 for children aged 6-16 years. Enjoy a poolside picnic for Kshs 500 per person for two hours. Bring your own picnic and relish it by the poolside.


Next to the pool is a sauna, but preparation takes time. Booking ahead ensures it’s ready for your relaxation. It costs Kshs 1,500 per person.


Pottery enthusiasts will delight in the pottery section where a skilled potter demonstrates various clay stages. Explore finished products available for purchase. Pottery experience is priced at Kshs 1,000 per person every hour.

Animal Farm

  • Non-professional horseback riding: Kshs 500 per person
  • Camel ride: Kshs 300 per person
  • Donkey ride: Kshs 300 per person

Visiting the Gallery

At the store, find a variety of glass items for sale, including glasses, tumblers, chandeliers, bowls, mugs, jugs, wine stoppers, keychains, bottles, drink dispensers, and more.

Touring the Studio

The dome-shaped Studio houses busy glass artisans, split into sections. One focuses on crafting gin bottles for Procera Gin, while the other creates vases and more. Guided tours demonstrate vase-making from recycled glass.

Kitengela Hot Glass Opening Hours

  • Tuesday – Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Sunday and Monday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm


Phone: 011 0001499


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