Heated Swimming Pools in Nairobi.

Heated Swimming Pools in Nairobi.

Uncover the top destinations where heated pools seamlessly blend luxury, comfort, and the vibrant energy of Kenya’s capital city. Heated swimming pools offer a myriad of advantages. From promoting health benefits like improved circulation and quicker healing to providing a safer environment for children, they also offer year-round enjoyment, avoiding cold shock, and fostering relaxation through stress relief. Dive into warmth and wellness with heated pools at affordable prices.

Stedmark Garens and Hotel

Conveniently located in Karen, just minutes away from Galleria Shopping Mall, The Garden boasts an inviting indoor heated swimming pool open to the public. Entry fees stand at 500 shillings per child and 1,000 shillings per adult per day. With a dedicated baby pool and vigilant lifeguards, safety is paramount. The pool maintains a comfortable temperature of approximately 30 degrees Celsius and operates daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Services include swimming lessons for both adults and children, facilitated by either accredited personal coaches or Stedmak instructors. Additionally, The Garden offers poolside parties, a range of classes and activities, and group packages tailored for various demographics including nursery, primary, high school, college, and corporate groups. Swimming gear is also available for purchase.

Phone: +(254) 705 73 47 80

Email: booking@stedmakgroupofhotels.co.ke

Verona Hotel

Nestled within Spur Mall in Ruiru along Thika Road, this hotel offers a unique opportunity to rejuvenate at its rooftop outdoor heated swimming pool, regardless of surrounding temperature changes. While the pool is open to all, out-of-house guests are welcome with a nominal fee. Adults can access the pool for Ksh 500, while children below 12 years old enjoy a discounted rate of Ksh 400. The pool is open from 7 am to 9 pm daily.

Phone: 0710240240

Email at. info@theveronahotel.com

PrideInn Azure Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Westlands, Prideinn Hotel Lantana Suites offers a convenient escape with its inviting pool. While complimentary for in-house guests, outside visitors can also enjoy a refreshing dip for a fee. Adults can access the pool for Kes1,000 or $10, while children are welcome for Kes700 or $7. Children under 3 years old swim for free, ensuring a memorable experience for families and individuals alike. The pool is open from 10 am to 5 pm, providing ample time for relaxation and enjoyment.


Best Western Suites

The suites offer an indoor rooftop heated pool, complimentary for resident guests. Walk-ins are welcome, with a nominal fee of Kes1,000 or $10 for adults and Kes700 or $7 for children. Children below 2 years old swim for free. Dive into relaxation and warmth, enjoying the luxurious amenities and panoramic views.

Location: Riverside Grove, Off Riverside Dr

Phone:+254 746 444 444

Email: reservations@bestwesternpluswestlands.com

Clarence House Nairobi

One of the standout features of Clarence House Nairobi’s pool is its state-of-the-art heating system, ensuring a comfortable swim regardless of the weather. Open to both hotel guests and non-guests, entry costs Kenyan shillings 800 for kids (0-9 Years) and Kenyan shillings 1,500 for adults. The pool area doubles as an event venue, perfect for hosting private parties. Furthermore, Clarence House Nairobi offers swimming lessons tailored to guests of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced swimmer, these lessons provide an opportunity to refine your technique and boost your confidence in the water. Dive into a world of relaxation, recreation, and skill-building at Clarence House Nairobi’s inviting swimming pool.

Location: No 8, School Lane Westlands Nairobi.

Open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm



CySuites Apartment Hotel

Cysuites located along Church Road boast an outdoor swimming pool suitable for both adults and kids. While in-house guests enjoy complimentary access, outside guests can avail themselves of the pool at a fee: Ksh 400 for children and Ksh 700 for adults. Operating hours typically run from 10 am to 5 pm, providing ample time for relaxation and enjoyment.

Phone:+254(0) 712 101 222

Email: bd@cysuites.com

The Tamarind Tree Hotel

Situated within the expansive Carnivore Grounds, The Tamarind Tree Hotel offers modern comfort just 5km from Nairobi city. It has a heated 20-metre outdoor pool as well as an adjoining children’s pool. The heated pool is a coveted amenity, accessible to the public for Ksh 2,000. Enjoy a meal from the restaurant, and the pool access fee is reduced to Ksh 1,500 per person.

Contacts: +254 709 240000

Email: reservations.tth@tamarind.co.ke

The Boma Nairobi

Conveniently situated 17km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Boma Inn features a heated pool available to booked guests at no additional charge. Walk-ins can access the pool for Ksh 1,500 per adult and Ksh 600 per child. Operating hours are from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, providing ample time for relaxation and enjoyment.

Contacts: +254 719 050 000

Email: info@theboma.co.ke

Sankara Hotel

Situated atop with a stunning view of Nairobi, this rooftop swimming pool in Westlands stands out as one of the city’s most picturesque. Accessible exclusively to in-house guests, diving into its refreshing waters costs 2,500 per person per day. Immerse yourself in luxury and tranquility while enjoying the breathtaking vista of the Nairobi skyline.

Contacts: 020 4208000


Radisson Blu Hotel

Located in Upperhill, Nairobi, the Radisson Blu hotel offers guests access to its outdoor swimming pool, which operates from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM. This amenity is complimentary for guests who have booked their stay, with no additional fees required. For those not staying at the hotel, there are specific rates in place. Adults can access the pool for Ksh 2,500, while children are charged Ksh 1,500.This pricing structure allows both guests and non-guests to enjoy the refreshing poolside experience offered by the Radisson Blu, making it an attractive option for leisure seekers and families alike in Nairobi’s bustling Upperhill area.

Contact: +254 709 810 000

Email: spa.radissonblu@revitalize.co.ke

Villa Rosa Kempinski

Guests can bask in the Kenyan sunshine while indulging in a swim in the outdoor heated pool, complete with comfortable loungers and a convenient pool bar. Adjacent to the fitness center, the pool offers a rejuvenating experience for guests seeking relaxation and recreation. Access to the pool and fitness studio is complimentary for hotel guests and Fitness Centre members. However, day visitors to Villa Rosa are also welcome to enjoy the pool facilities at a rate of Ksh 2,500 for adults and Ksh 1,500 for minors. The pool operates daily from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM, providing ample opportunity for guests and visitors to unwind and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Nairobi’s Westlands.

Contacts: +254 (20) 360 3126

Email: villarosa@kempinski.com

Heron Portico Hotel

Situated along Jakaya Kikwete road, just a five-minute drive from Nairobi’s city center, Heron Portico boasts an inviting outdoor heated swimming pool. Day visitors can enjoy the pool for a fee of Ksh. 1000 for adults and Ksh. 800 for minors, providing a refreshing retreat from the urban hustle. For in-house guests, the hotel offers comprehensive packages starting at Ksh. 6950, granting access to the swimming pool, sauna, and gym facilities.

Phone:+254 731 888 100

 Email: reservations@heronhotel.com

Safari Park Hotel and Casino

Safari Park Hotel & Casino boasts two distinct swimming areas, catering to different preferences and needs. The first is the expansive 2000 sq m lagoon-style swimming pool with an inland beach, known as the Kigwa pool. Additionally, there’s the Olympic-size Mamta pool. Beyond recreational use, the club also offers swimming lessons to its members at a nominal fee structure. For those seeking to improve their swimming skills, the club charges Ksh. 1000 per child and Ksh. 1500 per adult for individual sessions. Alternatively, members can opt for a monthly package priced at Ksh. 6000, providing a comprehensive and affordable opportunity for skill development and leisure at Safari Park Hotel & Casino’s esteemed swimming facilities.

Location: Along Thika Road 15 Minutes from the City Center

Phone: 0709732000

Email: pr@safariparkhotel.co.ke

Laico Regency Hotel

Laico Regency Hotel, located at Central Loita Street, Uhuru Highway in Nairobi, boasts an indoor heated swimming pool for guests’ enjoyment. Spanning 18 meters in length, the pool maintains an ideal temperature for relaxation. Access to this facility is available for a fee of Ksh. 2,000 per day for adults and Ksh. 1,500 per day for children. Dive into a refreshing experience and unwind amidst the comfort and luxury of the Laico Regency Hotel.

Contacts: 020 2211199

The Curve by the Park

At The Curve by the Park in Nairobi, Kenya, guests staying in the apartments or those opting for an afternoon retreat can access the heated swimming pool for a nominal fee of Kes 2,000. Dive into relaxation and enjoy a refreshing swim amidst the tranquil ambiance of this serene oasis.

Location: Southern Bypass Nairobi.

Phone: 254-780-242-711

Fairmont Norfolk Hotel

Fairmont offers an outdoor heated swimming pool open under supervision from 6 am to 7 pm. Access is complimentary for in-house guests. However, day visitors are charged Ksh. 1,000 for adults and Ksh. 750 for children.

Location: Harry Thuku Rd, Nairobi

Phone: +254 (0) 20 2265000

Email: norfolk.reservations@fairmont.com

Best Western Meridian Hotel

Charges for the Meridian heated pool are Ksh 1,500 for adults and Ksh 750 for children under 12. The pool, open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm daily, is accessible to both hotel guests and non-guests. Hotel guests enjoy complimentary access with no extra fees.

Location: 6th Muranga Road, Off Moi Avenue

Phone: +254 71-906-3000

Email: fom@meridianhotelkenya.com

The Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

Nestled along Kigwa Lane, Off Kiambu Rd, Nairobi, Windsor boasts one of the city’s rare outdoor heated pools. Exclusive to club members, their families, and hotel guests, the facility is complimentary. Visitors to the hotel can also access the pool for a nominal fee. Adjacent to the Conservatory Restaurant, it operates from 6 am to 9 pm daily, offering a perfect spot for a rejuvenating swim and a subsequent steam bath.

Phone: 020 8647014

Young Men Christian Association

YMCA offers an impressive indoor heated swimming pool, featuring a spacious main pool divided into five lanes. The pool stretches 30 meters in length and 13 meters in width, with a carefully crafted design ensuring safety and minimizing injuries. It boasts a shallow end at 1.5 ft depth, gradually sloping down to an 8 ft deep end, equipped with a sturdy diving board spaced in increments of 0.5 ft up to 8 ft high, catering to diving enthusiasts. Additionally, a spring diving board adds an aesthetic touch. For young swimmers, the center provides a baby pool measuring 8 meters long and 6 meters wide, with depths ranging from 0.2 ft to 0.5 ft, featuring non-slip deck tiles for added safety. With 24-hour CCTV surveillance, safety measures are reinforced, prioritizing the well-being of all swimmers. Entry prices are set at Ksh. 200 on weekdays and Ksh. 300 on weekends. The center also hosts swimming sports such as water polo and swim teams, catering to organized groups and corporate events. Whether for leisure or competitive swimming, YMCA’s pool facilities offer a secure and enjoyable environment for all ages and skill levels. Swim lessons are Ksh. 6,500/month for 12 sessions , lifesaving training is charged Ksh. 25,000 and basic water safety is Ksh. 6,000.

Phone: +254(0)20 272 4066

Location:  Along State House Road, Nairobi, Kenya

GMC Fun Place Kitengela

Discover Oasis Blue Sky, one of Nairobi’s most affordable heated pools. This half-Olympic-sized oasis features dedicated sections for adults and kids. Entrance fees for adults are Ksh.700 and for children is Ksh.400. Monthly packages are also available at a fee of, adults Ksh. 4,000 and minors Ksh.2,500. Additionally, swimming lessons are offered at a fee of Ksh.500 for adults and Ksh.300 for minors. Dive in and experience aquatic bliss at GMC Swimming Pool which is open daily from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm

Location: Kitengela along the new Namanga Road.

Phone: +(254) 701 56 05 60

In conclusion, Nairobi offers a diverse array of heated swimming pools, catering to various preferences and budgets. From luxurious rooftop pools with panoramic views to family-friendly venues with dedicated sections for adults and children, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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