10 Must See Places in Kericho County.

10 Must See Places in Kericho County.

Kericho County boasts Kenya’s finest tea, celebrated for its vibrant hue, brisk taste, and fragrant leaves. Tourists marvel at the picturesque tea estates, where rolling hills are blanketed in lush greenery.

 Mau Forest

The preeminent montane forest indigenous to East Africa sprawls across the landscape, boasting a grandeur that’s unparalleled. From its depths flow significant rivers like the Sondu, Njoro, Mara, and Ewaso Nyiro, birthing lifelines for countless ecosystems downstream. Within this verdant sanctuary, a rich tapestry of avian species and wild creatures find refuge, creating an idyllic realm for those who seek the wonders of birdwatching and immersive nature excursions.

Tea Plantations and Tea Factories

Stretching for kilometers, the vast plantations beckon, a sight worth your time. Within this green expanse, workers diligently tend to the delicate plants, their expertise evident in every careful movement. These workers readily share their knowledge, eager to engage with curious visitors. From the verdant fields, proceed to the factory where the transformation of leaves unfolds before your eyes. Witness the meticulous process of turning these leaves into a fine powder, observing each step with fascination. As the tea undergoes its journey from plant to package, you may have the opportunity to procure a bag or two of leaves, a tangible memento of your adventure.

 Kapkatet Museum

The museum stands as a tribute to the vibrant heritage of the Kipsigis community, serving as a bastion of cultural preservation. Located within Kapkatet town, its halls echo with the stories of generations past, showcasing an array of galleries and displays adorned with artifacts and traditional wares once integral to the daily lives of the Kipsigis people.

Chagaik Arboretum

Located along Kisii_Busia Road and 8.1km from Kericho town , this picturesque landscape boasts lush green grasslands interwoven with indigenous trees, forming a haven of tranquility. Its serene ambiance beckons visitors to partake in leisurely picnics, captivating sightseeing ventures, and immersive birdwatching experiences. Embraced by nature’s embrace, it offers an idyllic escape where one can bask in the beauty of the surroundings, finding solace in the gentle rustle of leaves and the melodious songs of avian inhabitants. This sanctuary promises a respite from the bustle of everyday life, inviting all who enter to immerse themselves in its timeless allure.

 Tulwap Kipsigis

Situated at the crossroads of Kipkelion and Londiani, this cultural enclave stands as a significant landmark in the annals of Kipsigis history, a prominent sub-tribe within the Kalenjin ethnic tapestry. Revered as a sacred ground, it serves as a pivotal site where timeless traditions are revived and revered. Here, the echoes of ancient rituals resound as the Kipsigis community gathers to honor their heritage, partaking in rites of circumcision and fervent worship to the divine. With each visit, they forge deeper connections to their roots, preserving the legacy of their ancestors and reaffirming their cultural identity in a rapidly changing world.

Fort Ternan Museum

Located 3 kilometers off the beaten path of the Londiani-Muhoroni road and 19 kilometers from Kericho town, this archaeological marvel unveils the mysteries of prehistory. Delving into the depths of antiquity, it reveals remnants of our ancient past, with notable discoveries attributed to Dr. Louis Leakey in 1962, including the remarkable fossils of Kenyapithecus. Beyond its fossilized treasures, the site showcases a captivating array of early stone tools and artifacts, offering a glimpse into the daily lives and ingenuity of our earliest ancestors. As visitors traverse its hallowed grounds, they embark on a journey through time, unraveling the enigmatic tapestry of human evolution etched within its storied landscapes.

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Sigowet Conservacy

Nestled in Sigowet lies a sanctuary of natural splendor: the Sigowet Conservancy. At its heart lies the majestic Chebulu forest, spanning 21 kilometers and revered as a vital water tower for the Chebulu river. This communal gem offers refuge to a diverse array of wildlife, from playful monkeys to majestic baboons, accompanied by the melodic symphony of various bird species. Adventurers find solace in its tranquil embrace, pitching tents at the scenic campsite and embarking on exhilarating hikes amidst rugged rock formations. Here, amidst nature’s bounty, every step unveils a new wonder, igniting the spirit of exploration and appreciation for the wild.

Tagabi Monkey Sanctuary

Tagabi Monkey Sanctuary in Kiptetan offers a unique experience for visitors who are interested in both enjoying the natural beauty of primates’ habitats and learning about the importance of primate conservation. By providing a setting where primates can roam freely in a natural environment, the sanctuary not only prioritizes the well-being of the animals but also allows visitors to observe them in a setting that closely resembles their natural habitat. The guided tours offered by the sanctuary provide visitors with valuable insights into the behavior and habits of various primate species. This educational aspect helps raise awareness about the importance of protecting these animals and their habitats. Furthermore, by collaborating with local communities to promote sustainable living practices, the sanctuary actively contributes to the conservation of primate habitats, thereby addressing the broader issues affecting primate populations. The emphasis on free-roaming living arrangements demonstrates the sanctuary’s commitment to providing the highest standard of care for its primate residents.

 Uhuru Gardens, Kericho

Uhuru Gardens Kericho, situated within the heart of Kericho CBD, stands as a public park inviting all to unwind amidst its tranquil surroundings. This recreational haven offers a serene environment for visitors to bask in nature’s embrace. Renowned for its meticulously landscaped gardens, verdant foliage, and well-appointed amenities, the park promises a delightful retreat for all who venture within. Within its embrace, visitors will find meticulously maintained gardens, verdant pathways, and essential facilities such as washrooms and handwashing stations. Ample seating arrangements cater to moments of repose, while well-lit walkways invite leisurely strolls. As a hub of community activity, Uhuru Gardens frequently hosts a variety of events and recreational activities, fostering a vibrant atmosphere that appeals to both locals and tourists alike.

Kimugu River Lodge

In a rural setting along the picturesque Kimugu River, this lodge harmoniously blends the beauty of nature with the rich heritage of the Kipsigis culture. Aesthetically designed to reflect local traditions, it offers a serene retreat where guests can unwind, partake in engaging activities, and immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of the surroundings. With its inviting ambiance, the lodge provides ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation. While children frolic in the playground, adults can savor moments of tranquility, perhaps delving into a captivating book as they drink in the breathtaking vistas of lush plantations and verdant forests. For nature enthusiasts, the lodge serves as a haven for birdwatching, boasting a diverse array of avian species. From the melodious calls of Shelley’s Greenbul to the graceful flutter of local butterflies, and the playful antics of monkeys, the lodge offers a front-row seat to the wonders of the natural world.

The natural splendor of Kericho, epitomized by its verdant landscapes and scenic waterways, provides a serene backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation. Meanwhile, the rich tapestry of Kipsigis culture woven throughout the region offers a fascinating glimpse into Kenya’s vibrant heritage.

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