10 Best Clubs in Nakuru.

10 Best Clubs in Nakuru.

Nakuru, pulsates with vibrant nightlife, offering a diverse array of clubs that cater to every taste and preference. From upscale lounges to lively dance floors, Nakuru’s club scene boasts an eclectic mix of venues that ensure an unforgettable night out. Here is a list of clubs that promise to immerse you in an atmosphere of excitement and entertainment.

Platinum 7D Lounge

Located on the outskirts of Nakuru town along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway at Section 58, this renowned club stands as a beacon of nightlife excitement in the region. Hosting some of the most sought-after raves, it draws DJs from all corners of Kenya to spin their beats. The ambiance is laid-back, with the bar area and DJ booth situated at the far end of the road. Under a sprawling tent, the spacious seating area accommodates over 1000 patrons comfortably. Despite the bustling crowd, service remains swift and efficient, while the drinks are affordably priced. Renowned for its exceptional cocktail selection, this club promises an unforgettable night of music, mingling, and vibrant energy for all who venture through its doors.

Hours: Open for 24hrs everyday



Nestled along Oginga Odinga Road in Nakuru, Kenya, Chili’s stands as a chic lounge, renowned for its exceptional club and bar services. Drawing a continuous flow of patrons, this vibrant establishment creates a dynamic atmosphere complemented by captivating live band performances. A hotspot for celebrities and seasoned DJs, Chili’s is a go-to destination for those seeking both glamour and quality entertainment. The lounge boasts an extensive selection of drinks, featuring a diverse array of cocktails that cater to varied tastes. Adding to its allure is a well-appointed dining area offering delectable food options. Chili’s thoughtful design accommodates diverse preferences, providing both outdoor and indoor seating areas. Whether you prefer the lively ambiance of the indoors or the refreshing open air, Chili’s ensures a memorable experience, making it a standout choice in Nakuru’s nightlife scene.

Open everyday for 24hrs.

Phone: 0796171405.

Culture Mambo

Located along Government Road, just opposite Vicmark Trading Centre, this distinctive establishment caters to a variety of occasions, making it an ideal choice for diverse interests. With a reputation for serving great cocktails at affordable prices, it becomes a perfect setting for dates, casual business meetings, soccer enthusiasts, or those simply seeking a night out with friends. The unique charm of Culture Mambo extends beyond its culinary offerings and drink selection. The décor creates a unique mood, with lush greenery adorning the walls and floor. Hanging plants from the ceiling adds a touch of nature, providing patrons with a refreshing and relaxed atmosphere. Culture Mambo invites visitors to enjoy a delightful blend of flavors, scenery, and ambiance, making it a distinctive gem in Nakuru’s night life.

Open 24 hours

Phone: 0793748012

Moca Loca Lounge

Located on Kenyatta Avenue near Gillanis Supermarket, Moca Loca offers accessible entertainment and culinary delights. Catering to diverse needs, it provides space for private meetings and delivers special treats throughout the week. On Saturdays, guests can enjoy live band performances, adding an extra layer of excitement. With its central location and versatile offerings, Moca Loca promises a memorable experience for all who visit, making it a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike seeking quality entertainment and good food.

Gigi Rooftop Lounge and Grill

Perched atop The Golden Life Mall, Club Dimples offers an unparalleled rooftop experience that captivates visitors with its breathtaking views. Parking is a breeze with dedicated floors and rooftop spaces, ensuring convenience even on bustling nights. Upon entering, guests are presented with two seating options: the expansive terrace or the inviting bar area. The DJ’s booth in the center of the terrace infuses the space with vibrant energy, enhancing the club’s lively atmosphere. Service is consistently excellent, thanks to the attentive staff comprising waiters, waitresses, and bouncers. With moderately priced alcohol, including beer ranging from 250/= to 350/= and hard liquor from 2000/= to 4000/=, Gigi offers something for every budget. Special guest DJs grace the venue every other weekend, adding to the excitement. Beyond its nightlife allure, it doubles as an ideal spot for brunch or romantic dates, courtesy of its open layout and scenic views. Moreover, the club boasts impeccably clean washrooms—a rarity in many nightlife establishments.

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 0114 803995

The Leather Bar

For those seeking a refined and tranquil atmosphere to savor their premium beverages, look no further than The Leather Bar. Tucked away from the bustling crowds, this upscale establishment offers a serene retreat from the usual hubbub, perfect for those craving a sophisticated and relaxed experience. As a luxury bar, The Leather Bar exudes elegance and class in every detail of its décor. Furnished with sumptuous leather and polished wood accents, it emanates an executive ambiance that is both inviting and exclusive. Here, patrons can indulge in their favorite expensive cognac or select from a curated menu of cocktails, beers, and wines, knowing that every penny spent is justified by the unparalleled quality of service and surroundings. Located within the Sarova Woodlands Hotel & Spa, this hidden gem promises an unforgettable evening of refined indulgence and relaxation, where every sip is savored in an atmosphere of luxury.

Phone number:+254709111000

8Teen Lounge

Located in Nakuru’s Lanet area, 8Teen Lounge offers a unique fusion of sports bar and grill. The standout feature is its courteous and prompt staff, ensuring a delightful experience. Renowned for hosting themed nights like Karaoke and Reggae, it adds an extra layer of entertainment. Whether you’re craving delicious food, immersive sports viewing, or a lively night out, 8Teen Lounge promises a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere, making it a must-visit spot in Nakuru’s nightlife scene.

Phone: +(254) 795 03 03 35

Groundless Lounge

For a nightlife experience that blends the allure of dim, colorful, and dynamic lighting, Groundless Lounge stands out. The club boasts a lively atmosphere heightened by unique and visually appealing decor, elevating the overall ambiance for a captivating experience. Notably, it is the perfect destination for those seeking a cozy and upscale party venue. The skilled bartenders at Groundless Lounge not only create expertly mixed drinks but also provide excellent customer service, ensuring a memorable night out. If you’re searching for a club that combines atmospheric lighting, stylish decor, and top-notch service, Groundless Lounge deserves a spot on your nightlife bucket list.

Phone:+(254) 704 22 96 93

Location: Oginga Odinga Avenue right next to Mt Kenya Uni Annex

Club Dimples

Situated at the heart of Nakuru, Club Dimples has long been renowned for its unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service to its patrons. Boasting a cool and inclusive atmosphere, this establishment welcomes individuals of all ages, ensuring a diverse and vibrant crowd. As one of the city’s most beloved nightlife destinations, Club Dimples has maintained its popularity over the years by consistently offering an unparalleled experience. Guests flock to revel in the captivating music provided by local musicians and seasoned DJs, creating an electric atmosphere that keeps them coming back for more. In addition to its exceptional entertainment offerings, Club Dimples goes the extra mile by providing accommodation facilities, alleviating any concerns about getting home after a night of non-stop partying.

Phone: 0722332888

San Chic Bar

Located in town, Sans Chic offers unparalleled convenience for partygoers, eliminating lengthy commutes and maximizing time for enjoyment. Renowned for its high-quality sound systems and talented DJs, the club ensures a lively atmosphere that keeps the crowd energized all night long. Additionally, strategically placed HD screens throughout the venue enhance the experience, allowing guests to watch music videos and stream English Premier League matches from every corner. This combination of prime location, top-notch entertainment, and innovative technology makes Sans Chic one of the best clubs in Nakuru, promising unforgettable nights for all who visit.

Hours: Opens at 2pm to 6am

Phone: 0723482140

Whether you’re seeking an evening of laid-back elegance or high-energy revelry, Nakuru’s best clubs promise to immerse you in an atmosphere of excitement and entertainment, making it a must-visit destination for nocturnal adventurers.

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