Esther Akoth, known as Akothee, is a Kenyan musician and entrepreneur, born on April 8, 1983, in Kisumu County. She’s a mother of five, three girls and two boys.


Being raised in Migori County, Esther Akoth, aka Akothee, attended Nyabisawa Girls Secondary School but dropped out at the age of 14 to marry her husband. It’s impressive that Akothee returned to her studies and took the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination in 2004 at Wasio Mixed Secondary School. She recently earned a Business Management degree from Mount Kenya University, marking a significant achievement in her educational journey.

Music Career

Akothee’s music journey commenced in 2008. She has captivated audiences with a diverse range of songs, each carrying its unique charm and rhythm. From the energetic beats of “Oyoyo” featuring Mc Galaxy to the sultry collaboration with Flavour in “Give It To Me,” her music resonates across genres. Tracks like “Sweet Love” featuring Diamond and “Benefactor” showcase her versatility and ability to collaborate with top talents. Akothee’s heartfelt melodies shine through in songs like “Yuko Moyoni” and “New Dance” with Oc Osilliation, while her resilience and determination are evident in “Nimechoka” and “Pashe,” ” Katika.” With hits like “Djele Djele,” “Shengerera mama,” and “Bougerie”. Through her music, she embodies strength, passion, and the spirit of African rhythm, inviting audiences worldwide. In 2022, She released her latest album titled “Akothee the Lioness,” which she described as a blend of inspiration and enjoyment, showcasing her versatility as an artist.


She has won several awards, including “Best Female Artist (East Africa)” at the African Muzik Magazine Awards in 2016 and 2019, “Best Video” at the African Muzik Magazine Awards in 2016, and “Best Female Artist” at the African Entertainment Awards USA. She has also been crowned winner of the 2019 Best Soukous Entertainer at the International Reggae World Music Awards (IRWMA) in Kingston, Jamaica.

Business Career

Before her success in music and tourism, Akothee sold Omena and worked as a taxi driver in Mombasa.

Akothee Tours and Travel Company_ She is the company’s proprietor specializing in tours and travel services, showcasing her entrepreneurial prowess beyond music.

Akothee Foundation_ Through her charitable network, Akothee tirelessly raises funds and channels them to support the less fortunate in society, demonstrating her commitment to philanthropy.

Akothee Foundation Academy_ The Academy in Kenya prioritizes quality education and holistic development, nurturing children in academics, sports, and character-building for excellence in a supportive environment.

Aknotela_ Aknotela is a marketing agency providing a range of services including branding, design thinking, brand positioning, social media management, digital marketing, and on-ground marketing, catering to diverse marketing needs.

Akothee Homes_ She has also invested in Real Estate

Properties Owned

She owns multiple luxurious mansions both in Kenya and abroad. These are;

Switzerland properties

Nairobi Home

Morning Star Diani Hotel

Rongo Mansion

Mombasa Mansion

Marriage Life

Akothee parted ways with her husband on October 6th, 2006, realizing their marriage was untenable. She moved to Mombasa with her daughters Vesha, Celly Rue, and Prudence, delving into the taxi business for sustenance. Eventually, she met a partner in Shanzu, and they relocated to Switzerland. However, during pregnancy, their relationship faltered, leading him to eject her, claiming unpreparedness for marriage. Akothee, while nine months pregnant, had to deceive airlines, pretending to be six months pregnant, to fly back to Kenya due to lack of a medical certificate. Subsequently, she embraced life anew and briefly dated Papa Oyoo, her youngest son’s father, before parting ways. In 2023, Akothee tied the knot with Denis Schweizer, also known as ‘Omosh,’ in a vibrant ceremony at Nairobi’s Windsor Golf Hotel. They met during a trip to France. Unfortunately, their union dissolved shortly afterward, with Akothee acknowledging the relationship’s incompatibility and choosing not to persist.

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