10 Best International Schools in Mombasa.

10 Best International Schools in Mombasa.

Mombasa boasts a selection of esteemed institutions renowned for their commitment to excellence and global perspective. From fostering a dynamic learning environment to nurturing the next generation of leaders. Join us as we explore the educational gems that make Mombasa a hub of international education excellence.

The Coast Academy

Location: Mji wa Kale, Kaunga Avenue

Curriculum: British

Language of instruction: English

Fee: Tuition Fee

Contacts: 0102881472/info@coastacademy.ac.ke

The Coast Academy provides a comprehensive educational journey from kindergarten to Sixth Form, offering a pre-university program geared towards preparing students for admission to universities worldwide, recognizing the British A-Level qualifications. Alongside rigorous academic preparation, the academy enriches student experiences with a diverse array of after-school activities. These include basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, athletics, dodgeball, netball, swimming, gymnastics, cricket, and rounders. By fostering both academic excellence and holistic development through sports and extracurricular activities.

Braeburn Mombasa International School

Location: Off Mombasa Malindi Road along JCC Road

Curriculum: British/International carriculum

Language of Instruction: English

Fee: Fee Structure

Contacts: +254 (0) 723 846 878/ enquiries.mombasa@braeburn.ac.ke

Remote Teaching and Learning at Braeburn is facilitated through e-learning platforms, where pupils access learning objectives, materials, and assignments. Encouraged to actively engage, students communicate with teachers, asking questions and addressing any challenges they encounter. Each classroom is equipped with computer facilities linked to the Internet, ensuring seamless access to educational resources. Moreover, their sports facilities enhance holistic development, boasting extensive playing fields, cricket nets, basketball, netball, and tennis courts. Additionally, a 25-meter swimming pool, along with a separate baby pool, encourages physical activity and aquatic skills development, fostering a well-rounded educational experience for our students.

Deenway International School

Location: Beach Road, Nyali

Curriculum: British/Islamiyaat

Language of Instruction: English

Fee: Admmission Policy

Contacts: +254 722 538 007/info@deenwayschool.co.ke

Deenway aspires to set the standard for premium-quality Islamic education. In addition to classroom learning, their curriculum encompasses a diverse range of extracurricular activities. Students can engage in sports like football, volleyball, basketball, netball, table tennis, swimming, and martial arts, promoting physical fitness and teamwork. Furthermore, the school offers opportunities for recreational activities such as board games and roller skating. Additionally, they foster students’ interests through various clubs including photography, wildlife appreciation, debate, agriculture, and art, encouraging exploration and personal growth beyond traditional academics. At Deenway, they strive to provide a well-rounded educational experience that nurtures both mind and body in alignment with Islamic values.

MM Shah and MV Shah Academy

Location: Kongowea, Mombasa

Curriculum: British

Language of Instruction: English

Fee: Fee Sructure

Contacts: 0733 177 333/info@mm-mvshahacademy.ac.ke

MM Shah and MV Shah schools offer both the international curriculum and the CBC-844 system, providing students with diverse educational pathways. The schools boast modern facilities including spacious learning environments, fully-equipped ICT suites, well-stocked libraries, and vibrant cafeterias. Additionally, students benefit from state-of-the-art science labs, swimming pools for aquatic education, dedicated music rooms, and multipurpose halls for various events. Outdoor spaces include sports fields and courts, encouraging physical activity and sportsmanship among students. With a focus on holistic development, MM Shah and MV Shah schools offer a conducive environment for academic excellence and personal growth.

Jaffery Academy

Location: Al Sadiq Road, Kizingo, Mombasa

Curriculum: British

Language of Instruction: English

Fee: Request Fee Structure

Contacts: +254 724 257104/info@jafferyacademy.org

Jaffery Academy offers a comprehensive educational journey from nursery to junior school. The presence of three libraries enriches the academic lifeline, providing resources for research and leisure reading. Students benefit from outstanding laboratories in both senior and junior schools, fostering hands-on experience in the sciences. The academy prioritizes artistic expression, with spacious and creative art rooms, unique lessons, and inspiring art clubs. Furthermore, the academic pillar is supported by three well-equipped ultra-modern ICT rooms across all levels. Jaffery Academy recognizes the importance of recreation in promoting mental health and healthy lifestyles, offering a wide range of sports, games, and modern playgrounds. Through these facilities and initiatives, Jaffery Academy nurtures well-rounded individuals equipped with the skills and knowledge for success in both academics and life.

GreenWood Groove International School

Location: Nyali Mombasa

Curriculum: British

Language of Instruction: English

Fee: Not publicly available

Contacts: +26477777999/info@greenwood.sc.ke

Greenwood Groove Academy delivers the British curriculum across all levels, from kindergarten to senior school, ensuring a high standard of education. Complementing academic learning, the school offers diverse after-school programs to enrich students’ experiences. These programs include modeling, dance, tennis, cycling, rollerskating, and football, catering to a wide range of interests and talents. By providing opportunities for extracurricular engagement, Greenwood Groove Academy fosters holistic development, nurturing students not only academically but also socially, emotionally, and physically.

Light International Academy

Location: Malindi and Nyali

Curriculum: British

Language of Instruction: English

Fee: Fee Structure

Contacts: +254 728 663 764/info.kg@lis.sc.ke

Light International School (LIS) Mombasa offers a distinctive co-educational day school experience, providing the Cambridge International Curriculum from Early Years (ages 3-5) through to A-levels at Year 13. The campus features modern facilities tailored to meet the diverse needs of students, teachers, and staff. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the classrooms boast interactive whiteboards and multimedia resources, facilitating engaging and dynamic learning experiences. Their spacious science laboratories are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment to enhance practical learning in the sciences. Beyond academics, they offer a wide array of outdoor clubs and activities, including football, rounders, basketball, skating, boxing, Taekwondo, table tennis, lawn tennis, chess, dancing, cookery, swimming, music, robotics, board games, and athletics. Through this comprehensive approach, LIS Mombasa ensures academic excellence, physical fitness, and personal growth among the students.

The AghaKan Academy

Location: Vanga Road

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate

Language of Instruction: English

Fee: Fee Structure

Contacts:  +254 (0) 720 631 144 / 735 931 144

The Academy adopts the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, ensuring a global standard of educational excellence and validation through annual IB Diploma exams. Embracing linguistic diversity, the school is aiming for bilingualism across all grades. Moreover, the curriculum emphasizes technological literacy, equipping students with essential technical skills to understand and engage with the evolving role of technology in society. The Academy also boasts exceptional sports facilities, including swimming and diving pools, cricket, soccer, and hockey pitches, basketball and volleyball areas, tennis and squash courts, a dance studio, gymnasium, and athletics tracks. This comprehensive approach ensures students receive a well-rounded education encompassing academic rigor, linguistic proficiency, technological literacy, and physical fitness.

KenCada International School

Location: Bamburi Off Old Malindi Road

Curriculum: Kenyan and Canadian

Language of Instruction: English

Fee: Personalized to Chid’s age

Contacts: +254723456789

Kencada School implements a CBC approach enriched with elements of the Canadian curriculum, fostering holistic development through experiential learning. Through hands-on activities, students cultivate group work skills and self-awareness, enhanced by reflective practices. Holiday camps offer fun and educational experiences, promoting exploration of arts, physical fitness, and holistic development. The inclusion of swimming and Taekwondo classes underscores the school’s commitment to nurturing the whole child, emphasizing self-confidence and discipline. Transportation via the KenCada school bus ensures safe commuting, with ample supervision by teaching support staff and additional adults as needed. Moreover, the tailored program for the 2-3 age group provides a play-based environment focused on social and emotional learning, laying a foundation for early literacy and numeracy skills. Kencada School prioritizes a well-rounded education that embraces experiential learning and holistic development.

Bright International Academy

Location: Nyali, Mombasa

Curriculum: British and Islamic

Language of Instruction:

Fee: 2024 Fee Structure

Contacts:  0748795099/info@biacademy.co.ke

Bright International Academy is an inclusive educational institution offering an integrated curriculum that encompasses both Islamic and British National Curriculum components. In addition to secular subjects like Numeracy, Literacy, IT, and Environmental studies, students benefit from a comprehensive Islamic curriculum covering Tawhid, Seerah, Quran, Qaidah, Arabic, and Khat. This comprehensive approach eliminates the need for additional madrasa attendance. Students also engage in creative pursuits such as swimming, art, and craft, alongside extra-curricular activities like Taekwondo, Pottery, and Roller Skating. The academy follows the British National Curriculum system, catering to students from playgroup through Year 4.

As students embark on their educational journey within these esteemed institutions, they not only gain knowledge but also cultivate the skills and mindset needed to thrive in an interconnected world.

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